DigitalFusion Announces its Collaboration with DCA Fine Art to Launch the Release of Carl Jung’s “The Red Book” Limited Edition Prints

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For Immediate Release

DigitalFusion Creative Technologies Inc., announces its collaboration with international dealer and consultant Delia Cabral and noted art critic and curator Peter Frank on a major publishing initiative.

Delia Cabral and Peter Frank, working under the aegis of Cabral’s DCA Fine Art, have joined with DigitalFusion to launch the official release of limited-edition prints DigitalFusion has crafted from The Red Book: Liber Novus of C. G. Jung. A pioneer of modern psychiatry and one of the most influential thinkers of the last century, Carl Jung created the 205-page handwritten and illustrated “Red Book,” titled Liber Novus, between 1914 and 1930, using it to document and reflect upon his dreams. Jung added to it sporadically until the very year of his death in 1961. Since then the Jung Foundation and the psychiatrist’s family have kept The Red Book under lock and key, until agreeing to send it on an exhibition tour and allowing it to be published, by W. W. Norton & Co., in 2009-2010. DigitalFusion was a key participant in that project, going to Zürich to make master image captures of the book, and has maintained a close relationship with the Jung family and Foundation ever since. DigitalFusion’s publishing initiative has the exclusive imprimatur of the Foundation, which provides certification to every impression and benefits from all sales of the limited-edition print collection.

As official publisher of the limited-edition series, DigitalFusion will release more than 70 of Jung’s full-page drawings, along with an official translation by Jung expert Sonu Shamdasani and official documentation from the Jung Foundation. Each image will be released in an edition of 1500. A leading innovator in image-reproduction technology, DigitalFusion has spared no effort in reproducing Jung’s exquisite pages as exactly, and as beautifully, as possible.

The DCA team is overseeing the strategic launch of these limited edition prints, acting as point of contact for galleries and museums to show and offer the limited edition prints to collectors for the first time.  Cabral and Frank have initiated a dialog with the art world as to the historical and artistic merit of this very important body of work.


Venice, Italy, and Los Angeles, California, will be the official launch cities for viewing the prints. The 55th Venice Biennale features 40 prints, selected by Massimiliano Gioni as the centerpiece of his curated show in the Biennale’s Central Pavilion and produced by DigitalFusion exclusively for that show. These will also be displayed at DigitalFusion/DCA’s “Red Book” Gallery for a limited engagement (dates TBA).

Founded in 1999, Los Angeles-based DigitalFusion Creative Technologies Inc., is a leading innovator in photographic post-production, capture, DF Studio archiving software, and other aspects of digital image-reproduction technology. Renowned for its advances in scanning, lighting, retouching, printing, and archiving, the company offers world-class expertise in the handling and reproduction of original works of art. DigitalFusion is able to recreate historical artifacts and artworks with astounding accuracy, and has spared no effort in reproducing C. G. Jung’s exquisite pages as exactly, and as beautifully, as possible.

DCA Fine Art was established in 2002 by Delia A. Cabral. Based in Los Angeles, it organizes projects and partnerships throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. Cabral works as an international art dealer, consultant, marketing advisor, museum designer, and curator, serving as liaison between collectors, artists, markets and audiences both global and local, emerging and established. Since 2008 Cabral has partnered on numerous high-profile projects with veteran art critic, curator and historian Peter Frank, art critic for the Huffington Post and Associate Editor of Fabrik Magazine.