Salvatore Emblema’s exhibition “Transparency” opens to the public with a reception on Thursday, March 28th, 2013, at 7 p.m. at the Italian Cultural Institute of UCLA, 1023 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90024

Salvatore Emblema

A survey of works by Italian painter Salvatore Emblema (1929-2006) will be on display at the Italian Cultural Institute of UCLA in Westwood, from March 28 until May 31, 2013. The exhibition, titled “Transparency,” has been curated by American art critic Peter Frank and organized by the Museo Emblema of Naples with the collaboration of the Italian Cultural Institute.

Twenty one artworks, going back to the mid-1950s, trace Emblema’s half-century career across a variety of forms and styles and demonstrate how he occupied a significant position in the postwar Italian avant garde, between the material investigations of Fontana and Burri and those of Arte Povera. The exhibition demonstrates Emblema’s investigation of physical space, natural elements, and above all, light. “Transparency,” a term given the artist by his critical champion Giulio Carlo Argan, refers to Emblema’s distinctive technique, involving the sackcloth canvas he favored. He would open up the already porous weave of the jute material, allowing light to penetrate his paintings and structures and allowing the wall and surrounding space to become part of the picture.

Please attend:

Opening Preview Reception and Party:

Thursday, March 28, 7pm

Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles

1023 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90024

Unberto Perillo 1967