A modern-day renaissance artist, Wilo Ayllón has had an extensive career in the visual arts for over twenty years. He is a sculptor, painter, illustrator, graphic artist and designer, turning his hand to any medium with great success from comics to set design. A child protege, Wilo was already exhibiting when at both fine arts high school and university. Over the course of his career he has had 21 solo exhibitions and 15 collective exhibitions. Widely known in South America his works have also made their way to Europe and the US. Wilo´s work is influenced by his passionate interest in, and study of, philosophy, literature, architecture, ecology, mysticism, and spirituality.

In 2007 Wilo´s art and personal life took on a new direction, he had an “awakening” which opened the door to new areas of exploration in his art. One morning Wilo awoke from a dream in which he “downloaded” an intricate design which he was able to replicate graphically. Each morning thereafter for 77 nights he received another image. Upon investigation Wilo discovered that he was creating mandalas. Over the next three years he deepened his study of mandalas and sacred geometry, he also became profoundly aware of the healing power of these mandalas. It was not until 2012 that Wilo decided that it was time to share these powerful mandalas with others.

Wilo’s limited edition prints are printed on archival pearlescent paper and are available in two sizes:

43 x 43″ and 31.5 x 31.5

Unique, one of a kind commissions are also available upon request.

For more information contact: Delia Cabral – deliacabral@me.com — 310 770 2525