The mandala, an old and very spiritual art form, has been used for meditation in Hinduism and Buddhism for millennia. Wilo has taken this tradition of beautiful, intricate design and brought it into the twenty-first century. His mandalas radiate with pulsing color and seem to levitate above the surfaces bearing them, whether computer screen or the beautiful pearlescent paper they are printed on. No matter if one employs mandalas in one’s own spiritual practice, there is no denying their ability to focus the mind and draw the eye. Wilo, a shaman in his own right, not only bases his mandalas on color and energy, but also connects with individuals and  “downloads” from the visions and dreams he has associated with each individual. I know: I commissioned my very own Wilo mandala. And I would love to share my experience. 

This exceptional artist lives and works in Ecuador. Wilo was brought to my attention by a very good friend and longtime fine-art collector. I was instantly and profoundly drawn to his art. I set up a Skype appointment to speak with him. We chatted for a bit, then he slipped into a trance-like state and started to reveal his insights into me. He spoke of my family and of my ancient Mexican roots. He spoke of things I was surprised he could see. After an hour or so, we said our good byes and he said he would reach out when my Mandala was completed. A short while later I was dazzled by the arrival of my very own mandala. I love it, it is like having a portrait of my inner being. Since then, others I know have undergone very similar experiences. Wilo is a remarkable personage, a genuine shaman and a genuine artist, dedicated both to craft and to mystic insight. He embodies the uncanny – and the marvelous.

-Delia Cabral