Artist/actress Maya Mercer grew up in a creative milieu amongst actors, playwrights, artists and musicians.  Daughter of actress Maria Machado and radical English dramatist, playwright, and screenwriter David Mercer, and raised between Paris, Los Angeles, London, Russia, and other locales.  Maya has always lived in a narrative world, at once English and French, experiencing “life as theater” from early childhood.  In such an intense and tumultuous environment her perception of reality could only acquire a visionary dimension of elaborate density.  Having embodied characters invented by others in her onstage career, Mercer now directs others in visual stories and tableaux of her own invention, she has dedicated the last four years on teenagers in photography and video working in Paris and, increasingly, in the United States.  Maya Mercer’s work has been shown in galleries and art fairs in North America and Europe, most recently in a solo show at the Stephen Cohen Gallery in Los Angeles.

“Maya Mercer captures young people’s sensual essence in her video and photographic series.  Her images are saturated with luscious color. Her subjects are young, beautiful, tragic and playful.” – Peter Frank

For more information contact: Delia Cabral – — 310 770 2525