Through Alessandro Rizzi’s photography lives a strip of a city, without typical everyday movement, in which landscape architecture is proposed in its essence, filtered by light in a surprisingly dramatic and monumental way. Light is a essential component in Rizzi’s visual poetics. His eye is the eye of an unpredictable photographer, one who is always careful not to contradict what the eye itself sees. He isn’t influenced by feelings, ideologies, or memories, He doesn’t want to go overboard or force the matter, he just wants to contemplate: he takes a slow view, is able to focuse and capture details, letting space itself play the leading role. It’s a vision on the edge of calm representing knowledge, the ability to depict, going almost beyond existence itself. The pleasure of these works is the poetic exploration of a place, a portrait, an object. Rizzi provides us a visual peregrination that helps reestablish an intimate relationship with what we have around us. –Anna Dusi