James is a Los Angeles based sculptor and designer.  He graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design with an emphasis on sculpture, design, illustration, and art history.  His artistic evolution features fluid and dynamic work, including both organic and mechanical motifs with a focus on kinetic interaction. An extensive knowledge of materials & processes arrives from his pursuit of everything, including: visual effects, set design, automotive prototyping, product development, sculpture, furniture and interior design to name a few. These endeavors have further cultivated a penchant for melding art with technology and sustainable resources.

Additionally to producing exquisite pieces of art, James’ variety of accomplishments range from the following: exhibiting works at the Pacific Design Center, Art Basel both in Switzerland and Miami, Grand Rapids art Museum, Kunst Raum in Switzerland, as well as public art installations.  In addition to his purely artistic pursuits he was featured in a contraption-based television show and a myriad of work for feature films. In addition to his own design and fabrication house, Art & Contraptions, he is employed by SCI-ARC (Southern California School of Architecture) specializing in materials and applications.

Currently, James resides in Los Angeles with his wife developing new extravagant sculpture, furniture and designs for those desiring nothing short of spectacular.

For more information contact: Delia Cabral – deliacabral@me.com — 310 770 2525

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