Sunday, June 29th-July 26th, 2014

DCA Fine Art presents the photography of:

Garret Suhrie and Antonio Di Cecco

OPENING RECEPTION: Sunday, June 29th 5-8pm. Space is very limited. RSVP to is required. Location details and other information will be provided upon RSVP confirmation.

The Sound of Shape will be on view from June 29th to July 26th at DCA Fine Arts’ Private Space by appointment only. Please contact for location and details.

DCA Fine Art is pleased to announce the launch of Private Space. Private Space showcases bi-monthly exceptional exhibitions focusing on artists and curator’s passion projects. The small exclusive gallery, with a strong online presence, features exhibitions of international, local and multi-disciplinary visual artists.  Curators such as Peter Frank, Shana Nys Dambrot, Anna Dusi, and many others, have the opportunity to curate distinct and notable artwork and to discover artist’s hidden gems.  

Garret Suhrie

Garret Suhrie nuances the beauty of nature, creating a meditative visual experience, Time and journey are the principal themes of his work. A wandering hermit, Suhrie is constantly moving through and observing nature with infinite patience, employing an outdated yet fascinating instrument. One discovers a visceral and authentic vision of nature in his work. This subject has been dealt with by countless artists, yet Suhrie is one of the few to succeed in expressing it in all its beauty. By detaching himself from the distinct and the obvious and focusing with great originality on the narrative, his photographs immediately grab the viewer’s attention. The lightness of his composition creates a vital interplay between surprise and contemplation.

Beauty doesn’t fade with the sun, so Garret Suhrie shoots almost exclusively at night to shed light on a different way to see the world. His work is included in numerous art collections, and widely published, some clients include the Daimler Collection, National Geographic, Smithsonian, AEG, Wall Street Journal,PDN, Flaunt and Time Out NY. After years under the employ and mentored by international icon David La Chapelle, Garret now spends his time as a freelance photographer shooting and exhibiting internationally, calling Los Angeles home base for the time being. –Anna Dusi


Antonio Di Cecco

Antonio Di Cecco is a master of researching spaces. His photography is about art, narrative, and the study of space. He took his degree in engineering, but his thesis already showed a predilection for architecture in urban nature and human traces in the landscape. Di Cecco began working with architects about design, image, composition and visual concepts. This experience gave him the opportunity to visit sites in transformation, where he constantly took pictures.

Di Cecco finally abandoned engineering to become an architectural photographer. He began collaborating with the University of L’Aquila and Rome and with important Italian agencies. He now teaches photography in Rome. Di Cecco will show in Los Angeles for the first time, with work about time and space and the passage through many different places. His photographs are wide open, but he likes to keep his prints reduced to a size typical more of memory than of sight, a small, discrete size that looks like a notebook, like a a visual story inscribed by a very fine pen onto space. -Maria Francesca Palmerio