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“Breaking the Molds: TTOZOI in Evolution” features recent work by the internationally acclaimed duo TTOZOI. Naples-based Stefano Forgione and Pino Rossi have pioneered the use of organic molds to produce paintings. They introduce the molds onto canvases and allow them to spread, in effect allowing the molds to do the painting. Throughout the entire process TTOZOI “conducts” the molds’ progress, introducing factors that change the shape and color of the growth. The duo determines when the molds have reached their aesthetic limit, freezing them in place.


As critic Peter Frank, curator of this exhibition, writes, “Natural substances have always provided artists with their materials, and over the last half century artists have been working with nature’s own processes to create art. But TTOZOI combines the old tradition and the new, prompting nature to paint its own paintings. TTOZOI allows nature to participate actively in the current artistic discourse not just as subject but as author. TTOZOI is not just a collaboration between two humans, but a collaboration between two humans and their ecosystem.”


ART 1307

Founded in Naples in 2007, ART1307 is a cultural institution whose mission is to promote the visual arts on an international level. The artists who have been invited to exhibit with ART1307 have not been chosen so much, or not only, on the basis of whether they have already gained international recognition, but first and foremost on that of the quality and talent manifested by their works. Exhibitions have held in many other venues over the years, not only in Italy all abroad, in France and above all in Los Angeles, California, where the association set up a branch in 2011, whose main purpose is to promote Italian artists on the other side of the Atlantic.

DCA Fine art

DCA Fine Art was established in 2002 by Delia A. Cabral. Based in Los Angeles, it organizes projects and partnerships throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. Cabral works as an international art dealer, consultant, marketing advisor, museum designer, and curator, serving as liaison between collectors, artists, markets and audiences both global and local, emerging and established. Since 2008 Cabral has partnered on numerous high-profile projects with veteran art critic, curator and historian Peter Frank, art critic for the Huffington Post and Associate Editor of Fabrik Magazine.


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