My work is created in oil on canvas, as installations, drawings, collages and in transfer-
technique Monotypes. Influenced by the metropolis I chose to life in, I draw my inspirations from the daily flood of overexcited, perfect, glamorous and glittering imagery found in advertising, fashion-and lifestyle-magazines, Daily Press, TV-News and in National Geographic – as well as in world literature like “Paradise Lost”.

Visually and conceptional my work emerges from a world of neo-pop-cliché and is shifting strongly towards contemporary surrealism. I specifically employ today’s techniques and new ways of digital photography and computer technology. Underneath a surface of glittering glamour and perfect beauty lies a subliminal message questioning politics and a society seemingly dictated by a beauty-industry which is driven by commerce and consumerism.

My interest and goals are to explore the deep rooted desires of mankind, which I understand are the foundation and strategy’s of the successful working apparatus of consumerism.

Desires as there are for peace and freedom but also for power and success, beauty and immortality as for individual recognition; and to answer questions like “Who am I?”; “Where do I come from?“; “Am I connected with a greater being?”.

In my narrative paintings I like to reveal how these subjects relate and reflect within today’s live, within the structure of society and the earlier mentioned institutions, while I choose different subjects of current matters or by exploring series of my own. (I.E. in my current series of “Fallen Angels”)

In my new series I am exploring “The Great Fall of the Angels”, inspired by various literature like “Paradise Lost” by 17-th century English poet John Milton, a more modern gothic fantasy novel, “The Fallen Saga” by Lauren Kate and “A Dictionary of Angels”.

For more information contact: Delia Cabral – — 310 770 2525

Artist website: Doro Hofmann