Greg Pettit is an American artist born in 1980 in Plano, TX. In 2003 he moved to Austin, TX and after completing his basic studies, enrolled at the University of Texas College of Fine Arts. He graduated with a BFA in Studio Art in 20008.

Greg first began painting in 2006 and by late 2007 and had abandoned most of his prior artistic direction to move forward with a body of work that corresponded to his growing fascination with the terror and beauty of trans-dimensional realities.

Straddling the line between abstraction and polished rendering of sensible forms, Greg strives to create imagery that exists within a refracted sense of space and time. His work is characterized by depictions of abstract landscapes, transparent machine like forms, fantastic creatures, and geometrically defined sentinel-like structures.

Greg lives and works in Austin, TX.

For more information contact: Delia Cabral – — 310 770 2525

Artist website: Greg Pettit