The art world is changing. The traditional artist gallery relationship has been shifting, and with the advent of social media, the growing popularity of art fairs and the shifting roles of galleries. There is an ever-growing need for artists to learn how to maneuver through all their options. DCA   has developed a series of unique programs to meet these needs

Services available to artists :

Studio Visit.

Delia Cabral can be retained for a few hours for a concentrated session that includes. Touring an artists’ body of work in the studio or their creative environment. Discussing  and understanding the artist’s creative processes. Advise on existing and potential new work and direction, if needed. Go over existing marketing and gallery outreach if any. Develop plan of action for artist.

Other services include:

Website evaluation and/ or development.

Go over artist’s existing website and advise to any necessary changes or updates needed to bring it to current art world standards.  Manage and hire trusted art world versed web designer. We work with a highly talented and efficient team to match our artist needs and budgets.

Marketing material

Review and  management of marketing materials.If needed, hire and over see development of  Catalogs brochures. Advise on social  media  development and out reach.


Professional Art world specific PR services. 

With 17 years of established international art contacts, we have many tried and true lists of  on line local and national media outlets. We will reach out to an artists best fit media outlets.


Independent exhibition production

In this changing art world, more and more artist are taking control of getting their art out. Pop up exhibitions are now common and well accepted as part of the Art market place. We can manage and produce exhibitions from concept, to securing a great venue, to instal to opening.


 Museum exhibition proposal creation

For more established artist we can put together polished and professional exhibition proposals. As well as submit and follow up on behalf of artists.


Grant research and applications

We can research, recommend and help artists apply for grants.


Custom consulting packages 

We develop custom programs for each artist we work with depending on needs, goals and budget. Please contacts us directly for more information.