As an artists’ consultant DCA has helped many artists achieve their goals.

Shana Nys Dambrot – art critic

“DCA Fine Art is an exceptionally innovative service, lending independent artists much needed support in the gallery, museum, and public culture spheres. In addition to the personal, empathetic, and expert career guidance they provide with tireless verve and aplomb, DCA also works with collectors, writers, curators, galleries, charities and institutions to organize original content, exhibitions, events, and generally shore up a life in art from all angles. I’m a fan.

Brian Murphy – artist

“Art is the process of observation and translation, both for an artist as they create and also for the viewer as they see a painting or sculpture for the 1st time. In Delia’s own words: “ You are my art, and all the artists that I work with every day. This is my job and I am so lucky !”   Delia has observed and translated me to the rest of the world in a way that I never could have even imagined. Her gift to me, other artists and the world is how she looks at things. She observes and functions with VISION, my vision as her client as well as how I fit into the larger creative landscape of galleries, collectors, other artists …and all those who love art ! She sees YOU and sees past you immediately, from day one she is making decisions and taking actions based upon your potential. From our very 1st meeting, she helped me see the level at which I need to be working at in order to be successful, she helped me grasp all the things that I didn’t even know that I didn’t know.

“Simply put, once you realize what you need and what she has to offer, you’ll find a way to get her on your team, period! Her ideas and execution are right on, her contacts get results, her 3rd party presence on your behalf is exactly what you need.   In order to be a successful artist you need two things: the “What”, which is you, your art, your essence and presence in the world . But, you also need the “How”, how do you make yourself visible, relevant and desirable to galleries, museums, collectors, to the world at large? to quote Delia again: “Talent is not enough” there is lots of talent out there, one must somehow rise to the top and distinguish themselves from the masses. Delia is my HOW !!!   Painting away in my studio and then somehow hoping that my work will magically end up on the right walls is not a strategy, or a plan, but that’s pretty much where I was when we met. She has changed this and given me direction and most importantly a personal creative vision for my work . For me, seeing and living this transition, getting a sense of real creative momentum and now,   walking on my own, ( learning to walk on my own….this is where I’m really at, but wrote it the other way for the benefit of the testimonial) she  has been the start of such an incredible and on going journey. I truly could not have taken these creative strides without DCA.  DELIA CABRAL is: Decisive, Determined & Detailed.”

Doron Gazit – artist

“Working with Delia Cabral helped me move forward in the art world in big leaps. Delia combines a keen appreciation of art with an immense inside knowledge of the art business. Delia’s assistance and guidance was invaluable in helping me better understand my art and how best to explain it to others. She helped me make better decisions in terms of artistic direction, choice of format and scale, as well as pricing. Delia holds a treasure trunk of connections, which includes not only collectors, gallery owners, and art critics, but also artisans that could affordably and artfully help me in producing my work. Having Delia on my side was most invaluable in giving me the courage and confidence to pursue a new step in my artistic career, one that needs a lot of investment of time and money, and requires, more than anything else – patience and grit.”

Rana Wilson  – artist

“If you would like some fresh momentum with your artwork and art career I highly recommend working with Delia Cabral. She has a keen ability to truly “see” your art and artfully articulate the thread that moves through your body of work. These feelings of being seen then creates the groundwork to update your vision for bringing your art more into the world. And then from there, with her guidance, aligned action can take place. “